"Everything from your beauty to your personality to your sexuality... You drive me insane. I wish I could better articulate just how you make me feel inside."

Encouraging You to Indulge in Your Inclination to Be with Another Man


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9 August 2010

I want to talk to you about something… you know, that secret that you have? Well, it’s not a secret anymore. I want you to know that I know all about it, about your desire to be with another man. And I fully understand.

It’s perfectly okay to have those feelings. I fully support you. In fact, I think it’s very, very sexy… to enjoy the wonder of being with another man, the surrender to his naked body, holding each other, all of that masculine passion, fulfilling that lust… I want you to know that. I want you to have that. I want you to feel completely reassured – and encouraged – to indulge in every facet you want to explore… down to licking that hot man hole!!