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Honey, You ARE Gay, and I’m Going to Prove It


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10 February 2015

You don’t even remember what you told me last night when you were drunk?? Honey… don’t you think it’s time that you admit to it. I’m your wife; I KNOW you’re GAY. I know you get hard whenever I bring up the subject, that you prevent us from having a normal discussion or intelligent conversation about it because you’re always getting hard when I mention it!

Honey, I know what you need. You’ve TOLD me. You’re getting turned on right now; you should do something about that erection. Go ahead and touch it; in fact, why don’t you play with your ass a bit too?

Go ahead, honey. I’m going to prove you’re gay… and let you masturbate to a very explicit, dirty gay fantasy. I know you’re going to like my idea… maybe we’ll even have to actually bring it to life…

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