"You bring such personality and realism to every one of your videos that's makes you so much better then everyone else out. They wouldn't be able to touch how brilliant you are if they all combined."

Ballooning My Body so We Can Both Pop


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15 August 2014

You want it as badly as I do, don’t you. Yes… I want to do that thing. You know, that thing we talked about. I want to blow myself up for you… I want to feel myself inflate… I want to fill with warm air and feel it expanding every part of me. I want to be your big, round balloon slut!

How big can I get for you this time? I want to turn you on so much… I want you to whip out your ballooning cock and stroke it to my increasing size. I’m going to get SO full for you… as big as this room before I burst into tiny rubber fragments.

Just look at my breasts! Watch the air flow into my pregnant-looking belly! Check out my big booty! Enjoy it all… jerk your cock for me… I want us both to explode at the same time!