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The Perfect Time for Auntie to Teach You Both about Female Anatomy


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23 March 2021

Oh, thank you! I’m so glad you two were willing to let your mom rush you over to help me. I didn’t even realize it would take so long to gather up all my potted plants to bring indoors before the big freeze!

I’m not even dressed for that kind of unseasonal weather! I never could’ve done it without you two, my brilliant nephews. Now, I desperately need a nice hot shower after all that yard work. I’ll set you boys up with some hot cocoa and sandwiches, and see you shortly for that movie you’ve been looking forward to watching together, okay?

(….oh, what are you two doing upstairs?? Couldn’t wait for Auntie? Oh, well, since you caught me before I’ve even dressed again, I guess this is the perfect time for a little lesson in female anatomy, that’s a woman’s body. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you two are eager to apply your new knowledge right away. After all, that’s the best way to learn!