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Are You Turned on by the Thought of Me with Your Best Friend?


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27 February 2013

I’m so glad I’ve finally had the chance to meet your lifelong friend.  Just why haven’t you introduced us earlier??  He is definitely the legend you’ve always spoken of.  I mean, he really “has it all,” Doesn’t he?  Even his handshake was just… electric.  I mean, after touching him, I felt like I could just sense things I never felt before.  I felt ALIVE.

How long are you going to have to work tomorrow?  Should your friend and I just plan the day without you then?  I was thinking we could go to the beach.  Wait a minute… it looks like you’re getting turned on thinking of me hanging out with your best friend!  Are you… do you… like the idea of the two of us together?  Yes, I’m attracted to him but… well, this is dangerous territory for us to venture into, don’t you think?  Oh, I’d tell you ALL about the day, every little thing that happened, if you wanted me to.

(But are you SURE that you want to… I have the distinct feeling that something is going to happen between us tomorrow and… I wonder if you can handle hearing all about what he does to me and watching me touch myself and get so turned on confessing it all to you…)