"Watching one of your videos turned me on so much that when I got home, I did something similar with my wife: one of our best sexual encounters we've ever had. Thank you so much, love your work."

Are You a Gambling Man?


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26 December 2017

Are you a gambling man? A wheeler-dealer? Think you’re a real PLAYER, love a high-risk scenario? Oh, we’ll see…

No matter what GAMES you like to play, no matter how big and bad you THINK you are… you haven’t played with ME before: the one, the only, Tara Tainton!

All you have to do… is resist me. Just ENJOY me… but don’t you dare come. You know what the stakes are. If you win, you have the chance to have sex with ME. AND you get $50,000. Yes, fifty-fucking-thousand DOLLARS!

But if you lose – if you can’t help but work your penis to orgasm right in front of me – I win ALL the money.

So, let’s see what you’ve got. Take your clothes off. And I’ll show you what I’ve got. *wink* But… be warned: there’s more at stake than you realize. I ALWAYS have more up my sleeve. Even when I have no sleeves!

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