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Any Time You Want… Even When Uncle’s in the Room


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5 January 2021

How exciting… my husband actually interested in phone sex?? But NOW?? In the middle of our New Year’s Eve party — that he can’t even attend??

I think he’s been inspired. But oh, gosh, our boy is… well, he WANTS IT now. And I’ll always uphold my promise, the subject of our little talk when he became an adult. “Fucking your mother is as natural as saying hello in this house!” I have to oblige… even while working up his father on the phone… grabbing one delicious cock while talking dirty to the other.

I’m getting so mixed up… so HOT!!!! I don’t even know who came first. I just know that I’ve never been this turned on, this excited, this high on orgasms!

And… oh, no, he’s ready AGAIN. And he wants it. NOW. Even with Uncle Larry in the room! Any time you want, my beautiful boy. Any time at all…