"You know, you only encourage me to watch more of your clips that carry my imagination to new places. I just love it!"

If Only There Was Someone Watching Me Right Now


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7 January 2020

Hmmm… Doesn’t seem to be anything “hidden” around the room this time. I don’t see a single thing out of place. Such a shame. I really liked… Wait.

What is this? A little black box? Kind of decorative… maybe my husband got it for me. As a gift? And just… placed it on my bedroom shelf?

Speaking of my husband… he’s not here. I have just enough time for my favorite pastime: MASTURBATING.

Oh, how I love to make myself come. There are so many ways… so many orgasms I can give myself. No man can do the same.

If only there was someone watching me right now, learning how I like it, to help me out…