"At this point, you could do a taboo scenario in space, and I’d still purchase it. Keep it up, Tara; you’re one of a kind."

Bragging to My Girl Pal about the Ball Busting Day I’ve Had


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17 May 2012

Oh, girlfriend, you wouldn’t believe the day I had! What do you mean… is he still at school and rolling on the ground? I don’t understand… all I did was knee him in the balls. I mean… it can’t hurt THAT bad.

I don’t know… he was like some nerdy guy that just followed me around too much. I didn’t like the look of him. Well, what was I supposed to do? I’ve never done that before… I just thought… well, it seemed appropriate at the time! He was groveling when I did it… did you see?

Oh, it all went down after school. So many people were watching. I think he was crying! And he just wouldn’t get up. As if I actually caused him that much pain. What a big baby. Maybe that means he has nothing down there… or maybe he has a lot! Who knows!

Really? Was he still doubled over and clutching his testicles when you saw him last? Was he totally embarrassed? Oh, it was so funny!!