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Intolerant Babysitter Uses Her Strong Spanking Hand on You


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5 August 2013

I hate bad little boys!  Do you see how angry your disobedience makes me, how serious I am about your punishment?  It only takes ONE experience of crossing me to ensure you never will again.  Do you understand why?

I’m going to spank you using my strong spanking hand.  THIS strong spanking hand.  I have a LOT of experience spanking naughty little ones just like you.

I despise bratty little boys, and I will not hesitate to ensure you know that.  Pay close attention to this hand poised to spank you any moment now… it’s going to make you cry as it smacks your bare bottom as you lie helpless across my lap, watch my angered face, hear my stern threats, and feel the sting of my bare hand.