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A Slew of Dusty Sneezes Gives Away My Secret Hiding Spot


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13 September 2009

Quick! I have to hide from my jealous girlfriend! She’s not very happy right now… I’ve got to find a place to hide! I’ll duck tightly into a corner on the floor and…. wait. Shhh!! I can’t give away my spot. I hate it when she’s mad like this!

Ooooh… what’s that tickling my nose?? oooh, oooh, oooh!!! I think I’m going to sneeze! I can’t possibly… I’ll be in trouble then. Big trouble!

Maybe it’ll go away if I wrinkle my nose, if I wiggle my nose, if I hold my finger under my nose, or if I pinch my nose closed with my fingers? I’m desperate to kill this urge to sneeze! Oh, no… here it comes!!!

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