"You do such an amazing job with all the clips you do. No one does it better or sexier than you, Tara."

A Full Week of Loud, Wet Sneezes


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18 August 2009

84+ Sneezes!! Committed to a full week of sneezing… day after day after day… I’ve never been so tickled, so thrilled, so wet!! What a great way to stir up the wettest nose blows for my follow-up video.

Every sneeze, every nose tickle, ever nostril flare, every open mouthed spray, every sexy horny about-to-sneeze sensation, and every completely random and unexpected expression drawn across my pretty little face is caught on tape just for you, recorded over 7 different days. Yes!! Sneezing at the office, the sneezing French maid, and the girl next door… all sneezing just for you.

I wore my little nose out!! Even the camera reacted for just a couple seconds to being stirred, wind blown, and sprayed upon with the three biggest baddest sneezes of all!

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