"It is a shame that POV (real POV, not that stuff others do where suddenly the perspective changes) is so hard to get, but on the other hand, you’re doing it so brilliantly that there is hardly any need for others."

You’re Going to Bust Your Balls at My Command


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9 January 2012

You know what you deserve? A good, painful ball busting. I haven’t busted your balls nearly recently enough. Let’s start the new year off right. I’m going to tell you when and how to bust your own balls, and you’re going to watch for my instruction and smack and punch and pour the pain on your own nuts.

Are you ready? Of course not! It’s gonna hurt. Like, seriously hurt. Even if you’re doubled over in pain… and you KNOW I’m going to laugh at you for that!! …you’re still going to have to torture yourself with punch after punch, smack after smack when I tell you to.

Let’s begin! This is going to be such a joy for me to watch…

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