"I've been binging on you for two days, producing a half pint of semen tribute. I LOVE your work."

Busting Your Deserving Son’s Balls in Gruesome Detail One Testicle at a Time


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15 December 2010

Oh, you have no idea what you’re in for. You’re about to be punished in the most gruesome, torturous way possible, at my own hands, feet, boot heels, fist, and whatever else I can get my hands on as I’m spontaneously thinking up new ways to bring extreme pain to your TESTICLES!!

You’ve pissed off the wrong woman. I caught you spying on me, you big pervert. Now, I’m going to punish you… and all while adding to your complete humiliation by inviting your own mother to listen in on my escapades. Oh, yes!

I have you tied down and motionless, your legs spread wide, and your balls left totally vulnerable and defenseless… just in the other room while I dictate to your own mother exactly what I’m doing to you, round after round, as I disappear from her view to bring you terrible agony. She’ll be in tears by the end of my rampage, no doubt. And you’ll be all the more humiliated as I tell her just why you deserve punishment and how I’m going to teach her son the lessons she failed to teach you herself.

It’s going to be a horrible and lifelong memorable experience for you both… but YOU are the only one that’s going to have to live with the permanent pain and results of what I’m about to do to your poor balls….