"My great compliments for your work, very outstanding and erotic when boring, less intelligent, and unprofessionally made videos are so common out there. Great talking and acting!"

Busted Balls on the Playground Teach You a Lesson in Manhood


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25 September 2011

Now, what happened to you at school today, honey? Oh, no, he didn’t! A little boy tried to pinch you!! Now, you know that means he really likes you… but that’s no excuse for him to hurt my little girl! I’ll tell you what… it’s time to teach you a very important rule. There’s always a way to keep boys – and men – in line. THis will be useful to you throughout your entire life, no matter how old the boy is. All you have to do is… threaten to hurt his family jewels. That’s right. And I’ll show you just how it’s done….

Well, hello, son! Tell me all about your day. What…why… what the hell happened to you!??! Who did this to you? Why are you holding your crotch?? Did a little… what??? A LITTLE girl kicked you in the balls and you’re STILL holding your nuts. Now, that’s ridiculous. Are you a boy or a SISSY??? Hmmm?!??! Now, stand up straight and take it like a man. What did you do to that classmate on the playground then anyway? I bet you deserved it… Now, it can’t hurt that bad. So, chin up! I don’t want to see another tear out of your eye. Do you want me to tell your father that you’re moping around because of a little girl?!