"If you are reading this, I am honored! I just came across your site today, and I think you have made my fantasy destination one stop at Tara's clip store."

You’ve Managed to Convert Your Hard Career Woman Wife into a Doting Sperm-Hungry Housewife


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4 May 2011

This is the LAST time we’re going to have this conversation! There’s no room for discussion, I am going to keep my job and maintain my successful career. I’m not handing it all in for you, I’m not giving anything up for this relationship! I know what you want.. a loving, doting, coddling wife. More like a MOTHER!

You want me to play those gender roles, cook and clean for you, and give you a little action on a regular basis. Well, it’s NOT going to happen! No, not even this surprise dinner you cooked for me – for the first time in the entirety of our relationship – is going to make me change my mind. Discussion OVER. I’m not going to lay down and pop out babies for you. Even the thought of sex just stresses me out. Quit asking for it!

….mmmm…. this meal is mighty tasty… wine, chocolates? Flowers too! You’ve outdone yourself. I’m impressed. I didn’t know you had it in you, honestly. mmmm… very tasty chocolate. You know, I could give your proposition a second thought. I’m suddenly feeling a bit more… well, a bit more… well, HORNY!