“I can see why you are #1 on C4S”

"I can see why you are #1 on C4S"

Delving DEEP into Your Subconscious to Become Irresistible to You


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18 August 2014

I’m going deep, deep, DEEP inside your mind… to the CORE of your being… to your very essence. I’m removing all distractions, closing off all outside influences, manipulating your very thoughts to match my suggestions. You hear only the sensual sound of my pleasant voice and the slow, slow tick-tick of the metronome as you fall deeper, deeper, deeper still under my influence.

I’m redesigning your own thoughts, reorganizing your mind, reprioritizing your influences and habits. While under, you’ll have no thoughts but those that I place there. Do you want to feel your addiction to my sessions, my orgasm control, my domination of your fantasies? Yes, you do. Do you want to be driven to indulge more, experience more, develop your erection to previously unexperienced harness? Yes, you do. Do you want to fine-tune your body and mind to match my desires for you, to be geared toward ultimate pleasure, to feel true relaxation, comfort, and trust? Yes, you do. And you will.

Even my written words guide you toward your next session… to hear me… to relent to me.

(Special sexy sound effects for your virtual experience include the beats of my metronome, tick-tick-ticking your way into your deepest sleep ever.)