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You’re Too Weak to Beat a Pretty Girl’s Thin Arm


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8 May 2012

Oh, you wrestle like a little GIRL!!! ha ha ha! I KNEW it! When we were in bed last night, you just felt… well, like a weakling. I mean, I had to take charge in bed! Are you always that soft and passive? It’s not just about your muscles or strength, is it? No, you’re just not really very much of a man at all.

I’ve just beaten you at arm wrestling… with this puny little stick arm! Well, I do have some biceps, don’t I. Bigger than YOURS, for sure! Wow… your own arm’s so soft. It’s like flab or something. Do you have any muscle under there? Have you been eating your protein? Do you just sit around at home on the couch and never move?

I’ve never seen such a thing! How does it feel to be so helpless and weak? Doesn’t that bother you? I mean, you couldn’t even defend yourself it your life depended on it! Are you scared now? Your arms are so much smaller than mine!

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