"You are the Michelangelo of erotica, Tara, an artiste among artists."

Up for another Arm Wrestling Match?


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27 March 2012

Look at you… home from the gym and trying to show off what you call “muscles.” PUH-LEASE! Those aren’t muscles… that’s flab. I don’t know why you even try. You might as well save all that money on your gym membership. I mean, look at MY biceps… nice, hard muscles. You’re all soft!

What? Another arm wrestling match? You’ve got to be kidding. Don’t you remember what happened last time? Don’t you remember how embarrassed you were when I won? Don’t you remember how your ego totally deflated that day? And you want to relive those moments? Are you sure?

You’ll be totally humiliated. I do not wanting you crying again. It makes me sick. One wrestling match and… well, that was way too easy! Did you even TRY?!?!

Come on… all right, all right… another one… but we better give you some kind of advantage over me or I know this is going to end very badly… for you. How about if I let you use TWO arms against my single tiny girly arm? Think you can win then? We’ll see…