"Let's face it, the Internet is full of pretty hot women, even if not all of them are quite on your level. What makes you so utterly, totally unique is that you so are so visibly *thinking*."

Bad Mouthing Me?? I’ll Box Your Balls In!


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20 April 2012

What was that? Are you actually interrupting my workout to… well, what is your problem anyway? You actually think a girl can’t box? That I’m too weak to train? Oh, you haven’t seen these gloves move yet, haven’t seen these lightening-fast arms in action! Keep it up, man, and I’ll show you just why you should be frightened of me… and can that trap of yours shut!

Are you STILL talking crap??! Watch it, BOY! I know what your weakness is… that seriously soft spot you have. Keep talking and I’ll take you down! I’ll show you my best swings – even resort to knee kicks if I need to – until I’ve got you lying on the ground and callin’ for mama! Ha!

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