"Something about your voice is just really inviting... and encouraging, perhaps because you are so nice off camera as well."

You’re SO Big! Please Show Me What Your Huge Tool Can Do


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15 May 2015

WOW… Is that for real?!?! Wait… Is that your TRUE size? Are you even hard yet?!? Your’e so… so… you have the LARGEST DICK I’ve ever seen!! I’m… I’m blown away. I’m practically speechless! Will that even fit me?

I can’t believe… will you PLEASE show me what it can do? How do you jerk it? Does it just erupt all over the place? I want to see you manhandle it. It’s so impressive! I’m in awe… I’m getting turned on just watching it GROW in size!

Please, please, please make it come for me… on me… all over the walls.. I don’t care! I just have to see what it can do!!