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You’re Really Not Circumcised? That’s Gross!


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31 May 2012

Isn’t that just disgusting? I mean… seriously. Do you see that?! This should be on the science channel… it’s like some documentary about primitive man. Not even a man… a beast! What is that… that extra piece of skin… that funny little tag, hanging on, totally unnecessary… it’s GROSS!!

What? Wait a minute… are you saying you have one of those “foreskins?!” YOU!?? But… no, I don’t believe it. Show me. I’ve known you all my life. We’re best friends. I can’t believe you… Oh, my… that’s… that’s… EWWWWWW! Don’t touch it! I’m not gonna touch it. Who would? No, wait… that explains it! No wonder you’re a virgin! You scare the girls away with that thing!

Oh, don’t be shy now. I don’t care how reluctant you are. You’re gonna keep that thing out. This is my own science show. YOU are the freak show. That thing deserves all the ridicule I can muster. You should feel ashamed. Sure, it wasn’t your choice, but… why would you want to LOOK like that??

I would never be with a man that was uncut. But… I AM curious. Touch it for me. Make that skin move. I want to see it. Dare I touch it? Ew!! Wait… my roommate’s waking up… she’s going to be staring at your weird uncut cock too!!