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You’re Good for Nothing and Now you’re Reduced to Being the Little One You Act Like


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21 October 2010

You did what?!?!? Oh my GOD!! I can’t count on you for ANYTHING! You’re a good for nothing son of a …..what in the world am I doing with you? You’re not a boyfriend; you’re a pitiful little kid! You contribute nothing to this relationship and as much as I have to tend to your needs and inadequacies, it’s like I’m caring for a… hey, did you notice… you’re shrinking!

Are you intimidated by me?! Well, you SHOULD be! It’s about time you feel that embarrassment and humiliation of who and what you really are… and ARE NOT! You’re growing smaller even as I speak. Pretty soon, you won’t even be able to get it up anymore. You’ll be pre-puberty!

What are you going to do then? Who’s going to care for you? I guess you’re destined to be mothered for the rest of your life… time for your feeding, my pitiful little EX-boyfriend!!

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