"What separates you from other people who make taboo vids, is your creativity in the scenarios you give. I love all of the naughty things you say, and you leave us wanting more and more taboo situations."

Your Secretary Escapes Your Firing Her by Teasing You with Her Ticklish Feet


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27 March 2010

Excuse me?! You called me in here to fire me!!! But…. you can’t! You’re the nicest boss I’ve ever had… it’s been such a pleasure working for you… I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t work for you anymore… You can’t fire me!!!

You know… maybe I could persuade you otherwise. Yes, I think I can… You see, I know that you are attracted to my feet. Oh, yes! I’ve certainly noticed. Then, there are those memos you leave on my desk asking if I’ll finally let you tickle my bare soles. I could use them against you, you know.

No, I wouldn’t do that. I really admire you, Sir. I just want to keep my secretarial position with you. Would you reconsider if I slipped off my stilettos and let you admire and tickle my bare feet?