“I do love your stories and the way you present them, first rate!”

"I do love your stories and the way you present them, first rate!"

Your Personal Girlfriend: Making Time for Your Needs


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6 November 2010

You’ve always wanted to know… and now you have the intimate opportunity to have all your questions answered AND experience it for yourself. What’s it like to be MY boyfriend? To have a sexy entrepreneurial webmistress and fetish video performer living with you in your own home, romantically involved, and with eyes just for you?

What is it like to date ME, Tara? I can’t wait to show you. Totally raw, completely real, and genuine-as-always, I’m sharing a very special new video series with you… and exactly what it’s like to have me for your very own girlfriend and live-in partner. No scripts, no set, no specific genre, and certainly, no acting.

This is all about you and I playing together in just the way we would if we were in a relationship…. my very own style of teasing, pleasing, and adoring you. So, what would I do if you were horny as hell and really wanted time with me? I’ll show you…