“That personal touch/contact puts you in a league of your own.”

"That personal touch/contact puts you in a league of your own."

Your Personal Girlfriend: I Love the Signs of Your Impending Orgasm


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9 November 2017

Does it turn you on as much as it does me?  I LOVE to watch those little moments when you’re about to come… every detail of your body, your sexy male anatomy, changing and tightening, and gearing up for pushing that sweet cum right out of your bulbous head.  I love to watch your balls tighten, and see your cock harden and engorge with hot blood.  I love to know that I turned YOU on that much; that turns ME on!

I hope you don’t mind me admitting it… or talking about it… encouraging you to think about it… or even describe it all as it’s happening to you.  You came to ME, remember?  You’re the one with the erection that has to be dealt with.  And, as your girlfriend, I know it’s my personal responsibility to “help” you with your “condition.”  So, let me watch, and jerk it for me, and we’ll both enjoy the full experience of your impending orgasm…