"Your videos are fantasies that I've actually fantasized about. I love rotating through your videos and seeing the new ones you post."

Your Personal Girlfriend: Let’s Make a Baby!


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27 September 2016

Oh, she can be soooo annoying sometimes, so smiley, so happy, such a big bundle of bouncy fun (boobs), and so wide awake… when you’re still sleeping!  Ah, but you adore her…. she even knows it.  She’s your girlfriend, the ideal girlfriend… and she even loves to tease you about that too!

She always seems to know just what you like, what you want, and how best to give it to you… even before you do.  Why not lie back and let her ravage you, tease you, taunt and toy with you, all with a glorious morning orgasm as the reward for just allowing her to have her way with you?  Because she adores you too… maybe even more.

Go ahead, tell her what you’ve been waiting to tell her… tell her how much you really feel for her… admit that the hottest thing you can think of right now is to get her pregnant.  Especially when she loves the idea of exactly that…