“You’re really beautiful and I think I’m totally addicted to your videos now!”

"You're really beautiful and I think I'm totally addicted to your videos now!"

Your Pantyhose and Pump Fetishes Pay Off


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27 February 2011

I see your eyes wandering, your lascivious stare. You’re watching me very closely, finding every excuse to glance my way or stand right at my desk towering over me with eyes down to just below my skirt… to my pantyhose clad legs, my single bare foot, and that precarious lone stiletto pump conspicuously placed beneath just one shapely ankle.

Yes, I know to leave it just like that… my one sexy high heel placed just there… because that’s what turns you on the most. And perhaps, this time, I can get you to confess to your voyeur eye and your specific tastes… and give you a bit of fun before we’re no longer alone in the office together.