“Just recently stumbled onto you and I’m glad I have. You’re just on a completely different level.”

"Just recently stumbled onto you and I'm glad I have. You're just on a completely different level."

Your Mother’s Best Friend Teaches You ALL the Ropes


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14 August 2020

Of course, I was the perfect candidate for helping you rehearse for your college play; I’m a professional actress.  Of course, I’m eager to do ALL I can to help you perfect your part – and every aspect it requires – I’ve known you for ages: I’m your mother’s best friend.

We’re just practicing in your room… but your mother doesn’t know there’s a kissing scene.  And I didn’t even know it was next in the script.  Could be awkward… but I am a professional… and I do adore you and it’s exciting to help with my area of expertise.

Your nervousness is cute, but you’re a quick learner – and a very attractive student.  The rest, well, neither one of us could be expected to see it coming.  We just get carried away.  We must both be amazing actors.  And maybe… maybe we do have the hots for each other.

SHHHHHH! We HAVE to be quiet; your mother may hear us!  She could walk in ANY moment.  Don’t be dissuaded when I lay my hand over your mouth to help keep those college boy moans to a minimum.

Oh, but how I love hearing confirmation that you’re totally hot for me.  Hold it… hold it… until I come.  Until I beg YOU to come for me.