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This… Is Quite Inappropriate, Darling—for a Son to Do with His Mother


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13 June 2017

You know your mother can always sense when something’s on your mind, when something’s bothering her boy.  This time is no different.

And she has a way – so caring, so loving, so very gentle and demure – of coaxing these things out of you.  Your questions and concerns aren’t at all inappropriate; in fact, your mother prefers to have everything out in the open and openly discussed.  She prides herself on teaching you, just as her very precious role requires.

And so, she proceeds… to answer your questions about what is appropriate – affection, touch – between a mother and her son.  And she shows you precisely what is not appropriate… reminding you, all the while, that “no, no, no… a mother and son must NEVER do THESE things…”

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