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Your Girlfriend’s Invited You Over for a Big, BIG Surprise


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22 November 2009

Hey! I have such a big surprise for you. Are you ready to hear about it? Well, I have to SHOW it to you! Follow me… Guess what’s in this mysterious little bottle! You can’t tell? It’s an ancient potion that actually makes you GROW! It’s true!

Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll have to prove it to you then. I might just grow even taller than YOU. What would you do with such a tall girlfriend? Mmmm… I’m starting to feel kinda tingly… ooh, oooh! I feel really strange! Wait a minute… you’re getting smaller! No, I’m growing higher!

Now, do you believe me?? You should’ve been the one to take the potion… I’m still growing, my clothes are growing all the tighter, in fact, they’re tearing right off my body! Oooh, look at my enormous breasts! Aren’t they wonderful??

Now, how in the world are you going to be able to please a sexy amazon girlfriend now? You can’t even reach me! You’d fall right into my big curvy ass… see?? And my tits would totally smother you… like this!!