"You are a world class beauty. Sexy is 80% attitude and your videos are incredible. I have never met a woman who can excite me more with the simple bat of an eyelash or a look in your eyes. You really should try and teach women what sexy means. You have a special talent."

I’ve Discovered a Tiny Man Pervert Who Needs to Learn a Painful Lesson


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2 January 2010

Did you hear that? That little peep sound? Like a cricket or maybe a mouse… there better not be a mouse in my bedroom! Hmmm… I don’t see one…. oh, wait!! Well… I think… what are YOU doing here?!! Why, it’s a tiny little man, barely taller than just one inch, and I almost stepped on him!

Wait… have you been watching me put on my lingerie all this time? SPYING on me while I’m naked, taking advantage of your minuscule size?! How dare you! I’m going to have to show you the advantages I enjoy, the power I have over you, due to MY size.

I wonder if I’ll actually feel or hear your bones crunch as they break beneath the soles of my high heels when I finally step on you…

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