"The orgasm, by the way, was mind-blowing. I never felt myself pulse, throb, shudder, and buck like that it my life. It felt like it would go on forever and you were in total control of me."

Your Favorite Mistress of the Dark Delivers


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31 October 2011

You’ve been watching her classic television show for years… even decades. You’re her biggest fan. It’s Halloween, and you’re at home watching another shocking B movie of horrific proportions. Oh, but you’re not tuned in for the movie, are you? No, you’re glued to the television for Elvira herself… her infamous look from her heavy eye makeup and outrageous hair to her gothic gown, long legs, and her amazing busty cleavage.

She knows what you’re really after. She lures you in time and again. Tonight, she notices your longing. Tonight, she relents to giving you exactly what you REALLY want: an evening with Elvira and her tits all to yourself for the best masturbation encouragement and titty job television has to offer!!