"I did buy a couple clips of yours last night. Your voice is everything I hoped it would be!"

Mrs. Clause Personally Delivers Your Most Wished for Christmas Gift


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12 December 2011

It’s nearing Christmas… were you expecting a visit from Santa Clause? Well, this year, the big man himself has heard your request, your biggest Christmas wish of all. And there’s one gift that only his lovely wife, Mrs. Clause can give to young men just like you. She’s appeared in your bedroom, white hair, glasses, and all, looking all sweet and motherly.

And she’s here to grant your big holiday wish: to ensure you lose your virginity before the year is out. Oh, she’s going to work her Christmas magic… you weren’t expecting this! There’s a lot of magic in her big sack of goodies. And you’re going to learn Santa’s secret to staying fit and feeling young to cater to the world’s needs every year… he works his magic on Mrs. Clause herself. She’s going to transform… and make this the best Christmas of your life, thanks to a particularly special older woman!