“You’re far and away the best performer out there in my opinion.”

"You're far and away the best performer out there in my opinion."

Your Fantasy Comes True: You Get a Peek into Your Coworker’s Private Life


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23 April 2009

The line between fantasy and reality is blurred… you’re so lost in your super-sexy daydream that your mind is far beyond the project at hand, the fact that you’re supposed to be thinking professionally about your work assignment, the fact that you’ve been invited to your hot coworker’s home only to WORK.

Just as she’s speaking technical jargon and concentrating so hard on the shared project… oh, and she looks SO SEXY when her brow’s furrowed in concentration like that! …you’re imagining, instead, that she’s onto you… and teasing you to no end.

In your mind, she’s showing you just what you’ve been curious about, where your mind has wandered before while eyeing her from across the room at the office. She knows you’re wondering about – and she’s SHOWING you – what she looks like when she comes home from the gym in tight tight spandex shorts, a sports bra, sneakers… oh, and that ponytail!

And she strips to nude before your very eyes… before “magically” reappearing fully clothed again. This time, she’s just back from sunbathing, all sticky sweaty and dressed in her sexy bikini and flirty skirt…. but she won’t be clothed for long!!

This is one of the best fantasies you’ve ever had…