"You're fantastic at audio stories. I love your really seductive tones!"

Your Fantasy Comes True: Your Coworker Appears in Lingerie to Strip for You


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26 April 2009

You must be growing more tired as the night goes on. You’re completely lost in fantasy now.

This time, your hot coworker, the one you’ve fantasized about endlessly as you eyed her working at the office day in and day out, is fulfilling your unmentioned wishes to view her at her absolute sexiest: when she’s home alone, late at night, and dressed in her very hottest matching lingerie complete with satin elbow-length gloves and thigh-high stockings. You can barely contain yourself. In your mind, she’s putting on this show just for you, and you’re not SUPPOSED to contain yourself.

She’s teasing you endlessly, talking dirty, and in such a sultry mood! She’s speaking to you directly, giving you looks you only dreamed she one day would, and she’s taking her time to tempt you with the sexiest, slowest striptease you can imagine. Why is your own imagination torturing you so??

One by one, your coworker’s lacey and satin bits of clothing are peeled off until her full nude body is completely revealed. And she has such a little potty mouth! Oh, the things she’s inviting and asking you to do to her…