"Your scene build up is flawless. The one thing I really like in all of your videos, that you take time to build up the scene."

Your Evil New StepMom Shows You Exactly How She Seduced Your Father


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8 September 2014

Aren’t you going to let me call you “son” now? I think it’s about time. I want you to call me “mommy,” especially since I am the only family you now have left. First, your mother died tragically in a car crash, then it was hard to come to terms with your father marrying me just 3 weeks later.

I do have that effect on men. They can’t resist me. I’m sure you’ll understand when you get older. I know… I know… your father has now died suddenly as well. It was a heart attack, you know, while… well, I guess the pleasure of my touch was just too much for him. I mean, look at my stockings and heels… do they make you feel anything? A little uncomfortable?

It’s okay, I just want to share with you what your father liked. Come sit by me. That’s a good boy. There’s something else we can share: your inheritance. You know your father meant to leave it to me but, sadly, he just didn’t get enough time to change his will. The money is all yours… but it should be mine.

Don’t you want to ensure your father’s last wishes are carried out? Just let me touch you and show you how I made your father feel. Don’t be afraid. Your daddy loved these breasts… these legs… my mouth… Are you aching for release now? Just sign over your inheritance to me…