“It’s amazing how you can make me do things no one in this world could.”

"It's amazing how you can make me do things no one in this world could."

Your Checkup Confirms Your Female Hormone Prescription Is Working


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7 March 2011

Let’s see what we have here…. oh, you’re due for your checkup! Now, how have you been feeling since beginning the new prescription I ordered for you? Feeling pretty lately?? Oh, so you have some issues you’re concerned about. Please describe your conditions to me.

Breasts growing? Loss of body hair? A shrinking penis? Let me conduct a thorough examination then… Oh, my, your penis IS much smaller than when you were last in my office! According to my records, you must’ve lost 4 inches at least! Well, please don’t be concerned. Everything is just fine.

As a good doctor, I duly noted your womanizing ways when you last had an appointment with me, and prescribed you an experimental dose of female hormone supplements… and they seem to be working JUST fine! Out of consideration for your development and expected fears, I’ll explain just what you’re in for in the coming weeks…