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Your Blue-Balled Suffering Keeps Me Coming


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9 July 2014

My chaste darling… I’ve missed you today. I’ve worked so hard, and it’s so good to come home to you. You make me feel… well, let me show you. I’ve been thinking about you all day… how you’re right here waiting for me, every day and all day long, your poor unused dick all locked up, your balls royal blue and bulging. Thinking of you frustrated and pent up and so very chaste makes me SO hot!

I think about it – you – all day. I love the way you look at me with so much longing. I love that you WAIT for me, that you never know what you may get or when or if you’ll ever feel what it’s like to be inside me again, but you’re still right here holding out for me. I mean, just look at how red and tight your cock is! Does it hurt? Your nuts are so blue… almost ready to explode… and NOTHING in this whole wide world turns me on more!

You know what I have to do… I have to masturbate in front of you… I have to play with myself before you while you watch and agonize, I have to spend every hot, turned on second, telling you just how hot and wet you make me…