"I have seen tens of thousands of clips but none with such a beautiful woman as you who appears to have absolute conviction about making the fantasy come alive with all of your energy, beauty and most of all, your dominate understanding and intelligence of our sexual psychology."

Tonight, I Want to Show You Just How Much You Mean to Me


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31 July 2013

My husband has been away time after time, one business trip after another, and… I’m feeling unattractive, unappreciated… until, that is, my darling son reminds me yet again of how sexy I really am, how much I’m wanted, how much sexual skill and desire I still have.  He’s my world, my special boy, always there when I need him, and… the only moments we share, you know, THOSE kinds of moments are so circumstantial, spontaneous, totally happenstance.  I want to change that.

This time, I’ll be waiting for him… a vision of lust and beauty in my favorite lingerie and stockings lying on my bed as he’s only truly dreamed of.  I’m taking our relationship to the next level.  I knew this was coming; it was only a matter of time… and growing desire.

It’s necessity… and tonight, I’m going to show him the full force of my lust, laying him down, stroking him, sucking him, and making sweet love to him.  I’m going to prove to him that he is mine and I am his and… I’m going to get completely lost in the moment and even surprise myself…

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