"You are an amazing actress and you do fulfill all fantasies."

You Look So Small and Tasty, Just Like a Baby Doll… Come Rest in My Mouth


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23 April 2010

You look so cute… so small… just like a little baby doll! Let me lift you up here onto the bed next to me. There…. Mmmm… your size really turns me on… do you mind if I lick your little head? I want to see what you taste like… Let me lick the back of your sweet little head… and taste your tiny little face. Can I sniff you? I want to touch myself while you’re close. In fact, why don’t you just rest your small head right here in my mouth. Don’t worry… It’s safe! Just lie your head down inside my mouth, right on my wet tongue. There you go… I hope my moans aren’t too loud for you and my tonsils don’t vibrate too much… I just want to taste you and feel you in my mouth while I make myself come….