“Your audios are a great addition to your library!”

"Your audios are a great addition to your library!"

Chowing Down on Masses of Miniature Men


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19 March 2012

Hmmm… look what we have here: one of my little men on the loose and standing below me all defiantly. What do you think you’re going to do? Threaten me? Escape my grasp? You know I’m on the prowl now.

I’m hungry… I’m looking for some tasty morsels to digest. Ha! But it’s not going to be that straight forward for you. I’m going to taunt you, tease you, and totally torment you before I bother to put you out of your misery, touch your body to my lips, chew you relentlessly, and swallow you down. And I don’t like that look on your face… or… what?! Did this other band of even smaller men just call me a name? WHO did?!

Which one of you? Do you want to be eaten right this moment as well? Are YOU looking down my cleavage?! How dare you! I’ll teach you a lesson… as I suck on your feet, lick at your legs, crush you between my teeth, and engulf you in the gape of my mouth! The tiniest men will not escape. I’m going to eat you ALL… You defiant little men will NOT disrespect me.