"I just wanted to tell you to keep them coming. Videos that is. There's just something about you and your videos that I can really picture myself being there when you're talking into the camera."

Dive Deep into My Mouth to Tickle My Tonsils


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14 January 2011

See these lips, this mouth? Do you want to be closer? MUCH closer? Do you know what this mouth and these lips could do to you? What are you thinking of? What are you fantasizing about?

Do you wish you were inside my mouth? Hovering over my open, gaping mouth and deep dark throat? Sitting on my thick, wet tongue? Viewing my tonsils and uvula very, very closely? Do you want to be in danger of being swallowed all the way down?

Do you want to know what it’s like to be trapped with no escape? Then, come closer and explore for yourself.

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