"Virtual sex with you is just incredible and for me has been more stimulating then actual sex, that's how good your are, girl! You have talked me to some of the greatest orgasms of my life."

You Keep Coming Back for More, and I’m Going to Reward You for It


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9 May 2014

Hmmm… do you deserve to come three times… all over my sexy body? Of course, you do. And you know it. It’s time for some quality time: just you and me. You love to look at me, long for me, take in all of the sights of my curvy body… and we both know you LOVE to come. And I love to assist in any way that I can.

I’m the boss today. I’ve got complete control of your orgasm. I’m going to tease your love juice right out of you… in three sessions.

Love my ass? You’re going to nut on it? Enjoy my tits? You’re going to long for them and come on me. Like my sexy shoes? You’re going to start off by spraying them with your seed… Come on, baby. I know you can handle this… maybe.

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