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My Little Prince, Always There for Me


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14 March 2019

It’s been so difficult since your father walked out on us.  It’s just you, my little prince, and mommy now.  And to be left carrying twins… what in the world would I do without you?  My belly’s so huge, my fit body so swollen, and my breasts… oh, but I wouldn’t want to burden you, my little prince, with all my aches and pains.  You’re always so helpful, endlessly supportive, and come every time you hear your mother call out to you.

I’m so huge, I can’t even slip my own shoes on my feet anymore, let alone get up and move around a bit!  It’s your love and affection that gets me through each day.  I’m so appreciative… and I’m so sorry that when you heard me moaning and crying out, you thought I was calling you once again… and you, poor thing, have now seen your own mother masturbating!

I’ve felt so lonely and sexually deprived since your father left us.  That’s no excuse, but your kisses are so sweet and welcomed.  That hesitancy can’t last… I need a man in my life, and YOU are the one closest to my heart…

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