"Beyond your physical ability, you bring a level of passion, creativity and intensity to the roles you play. Your angelic voice and natural appearance on camera are incredibly convincing performance strengths. You are definitely one of a kind in a world of copy cats and wannabes."

You Can Come Anywhere You Want as I Whisper Dirty Intimate Things to You


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19 April 2010

Come here, baby. That’s it. Right next to me. You’re so hungry for me right now… why don’t I treat you to a nice little orgasm… hmmmm?? No, come even closer. I want to feel your naked cock brushing up against me. That’s it! Mmmmm…

Now, jerk that cock for me, baby. I’ve got so many dirty thoughts to share with you, so many tempting ideas, just listen to everything on my naughty little mind as I slowly, seductively let them slip right from my wet lips…. Snuggle up close… you’re going to cover me in your hot come!