"The orgasm, by the way, was mind-blowing. I never felt myself pulse, throb, shudder, and buck like that it my life. It felt like it would go on forever and you were in total control of me."

Maid Struggles with Shoes Too Small, Rips Her Stockings, and Dangles Her Shoes


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15 April 2009

Oh, oh, Oh! Why must I wear these shoes that are way too small for my poor little feet?! I absolutely have to stumble to the couch to sit down and rest them.

Ow!! I can barely pull my shoes down over my sore heels. Oweee! Ah, that’s so much better….

Oh, no! Are those holes torn in my nice black stockings right below my toes?! Ugh. I’m so sick of them, pulling so tight on my poor toes, I’ll just rip them off! But only with my own toes of course… I’m way too tired to get up and pull them off with my own hands.

Oh, I feel so much better lying here relaxed with my sexy shoes just dangling from my bare feet!

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