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Joking About My New Jiggle? You’re Fattening Up Too, and It Turns Me On


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30 December 2009

How long have you been standing there?? And watching me TRY to squeeze into my tight panties and bra this whole time! Shame on you… and your giggling at me! I know… you like my pudge and love seeing me fatten up before your very eyes! You’re getting fat too, you know… we’re both getting soft and pudgy together.

Are you a fan of my jiggle? I want you to prove it to me. I know what that wide smile on your pudgy face means… you’re happy I’m getting bigger and rounder and can’t fit my clothes anymore! If you come for me while I show off my jiggling thighs and big booty, I’ll know you really do love growing fat with me.