"When I look at your work, I just can't stop watching your videos. You are really hot in every one of them. Thanks for your videos and dedication."

When You Come Home, I’ll Be Waiting for You


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17 December 2019

I can’t believe you’re in here – locked up. I can’t believe my son… my baby… it’s been so long. And now, now you only have two months to go. Just two months! You’ve got to hang in there, my darling.

You look… like your time in here is catching up with you. I just can’t help laying awake at night thinking about you, wondering if you’re going to make it. I NEED you to make it! I need you to come home to us, to me. I need you to hang in there. Be strong. Pull yourself out of this depression.

And I need to give you something to hold onto, something to pull you through, keep you warm on those dark, cold nights alone…