"I bought this clip as a birthday gift to me. its the best gift i ever got myself."

We Don’t Want to Wake Daddy


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11 May 2021

Oh, it’s you. What’s the matter, honey? Oh, you can’t sleep? Again? Well, yes, you can come into bed with Mommy.

Just remember to be quiet. Okay? We don’t want to wake daddy. He’s got to get his sleep for work tomorrow. Shhh… Now just snuggle up and try to sleep, okay?

Now, what’s the matter, honey? You usually fall asleep so quickly when you’re resting your sweet head on Mommy’s boobies. Oh…. you have a stiffy? Shhh! Don’t wake Daddy!

Well, can’t you sleep without poking mommy in my thigh? Okay, okay. But we have to be quiet! I’ll try to help you come… just make sure you come right into my hands, okay?

We can’t make a mess in bed with Daddy! I wouldn’t be able to clean it up without waking him…